Training Process

Training Process of workers

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Organizational Objectives

Are short-term and medium-term goals that an organization seeks to accomplish.An organization's objectives will play a large part in developing organizational policies and determining the allocation of organization resources.Achievement of objectives helps an organization reach its overrall strategic goals.

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Assessment of Training

In eductino,the term assessment refers to the wide variety of methods or tools that educators use to evaluate,measure and document the academic readiness,learning progress,skill acquisition,or educational needs of students.

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Establishment of Training

In determining the most appropriate measures to be used to respond to challenges faced in the management of hte Public Service,The Establishment,Personnel and Training department is guided by the public's desire for improved service delivery.The Department is currently engaged in a comprehensive programme to improve Service Delivery through e-Government and the enhanced use of Information communcation Technologies (ICTs) and will continue with a number of these strategic initiatives

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Devising training programme

Before creating your traing program,it is important for you as the trainer to do your homework and research your company's situation thoroughly.By gathering iformation in several key areas,you better prepare yourself to create a relevant and customized training plan for your company.This article show you how to accomplish several objectives in order to plan an effective program:

  • Objective 1 : Determine what traing is needed.
  • Objective 2 : Determine who needs to be trained.
  • Objective 3 : Know how best to train adult learners.
  • Objective 4 : Know who your audience is.
  • Objective 5 : Draw up a detailed blueprint.

Group Activity

Activity at Mahima Purspun
Activity at Mahima Purspun

Mahima Fibres Pvt. Ltd.

Steps in the Training Process

Corporate Social Responsibility
Since 2006, 5000 unskilled people from below poverty line and SC/ST Communities have been Trained and skill sets imparted to enable them for employment. 10 street lights have been made available in rural areas and select residents have been empowered to ensure their maintenance.
In 2006 Mahima Initiated the Women Empowered Project. Today it positively affects the lives of 1,400 women through better job opportunities, access to free medical facilities, skills training, and health care programs. Their increased financial stability leads to higher education levels, a better understanding of their rights, and greater financial health for their families.

The goal of WE is to socially and economically empower as many as 500 women every year. Under the effort towards realizing this goal, Mahima is aimed at imparting hand skills and techniques, thereby generating job opportunities for the underprivileged women of Madhya Pradesh.
  • Organizational objectives
  • Assessment of Training needs
  • Establishment of Training goals
  • Devising training programme
  • Implementation of training programme
  • Evaluation of results
Placement Tie-Ups : After competence of successful training candidate’s are Placed at Unit Mahima Purespun & Unit Ashok Finespun.


Socially and Environmentally responsible textiles
A concterted effort in minimizing environmental impact with a continuous Endeavour to reduce energy and water consumption, and waste generation.

Mahima Initiatives

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